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I just read this article from InfoWorld:

Google: Oracle lacks developer focus

The article kind of struck a chord with me.  I have long thought that PeopleSoft is sold to the executives and not to the developers.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think PeopleSoft is a great product, but it lacks a few developer features that I would like to see.  And, I would guess that the executives that make the decisions for purchasing aren’t going to pay for features like that.

The features I am talking about are things like code completion, refactoring, and indexing the code for searching.  Eclipse has many of those features with Java code.  Why can’t Application Designer do those things?  Is it because those features aren’t marketable to the executive?

The article makes the point that the product should be focused on the customer.  While I agree, I think placing some focus on the developer would provide some value to the customer.  Adding those features gives the software the ability adjust to changing business demands.  When users request a customization in PeopleSoft, what questions are asked?  How long with it take to develop versus how much benefit will it provide?  How maintainable is it going forward?

How many change requests are denied because the change would cost too much to develop or maintain?  Doesn’t the customer benefit by some level of developer focus?

So, while I think the customer should get focus, I don’t think the developer should be forgotten.  I would like Oracle to give the developer a little more focus in the PeopleSoft world.  But, hey, I am a little biased.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Developer Focus

  1. I totally agree! I would have thought because Oracle does so much development in PeopleTools itself, it would be beneficial, even from a internal company perspective to enhance the tool set?

    PeopleSoft in particular really should have this focus, because one of its key selling points is customizability. It is one of the few products in its space with a good development framework. I’d even suggest this a strategic advantage compared to competing products.

  2. It seems PT8.51 gives some input in your sense. Especially the PTF (Peoplesoft Test Framework) which is able to record and replay actions and should facilitate the effort of doing changes, the new compare report also should help a lot. But right, some others should be implemented, right now a new release will come every year, so maybe more windows will be opened for that kind of requests…


  3. Nicholas, That is a great point. I have been anxious to get a look at the Test Framework. I think that will be a huge feature that will greatly improve PeopleSoft maintenance. I wasn’t aware of the new release every year. That is very promising.

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