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In installing PeopleTools 8.50/HCM91, I noticed that PeopleTools began placing its Application Server configuration files in a different location.  Instead of finding them in %PS_HOME%/appserv, I found them at %USERPROFILE%\psft\pt\.  The culprit appears to be the PS_CFG_HOME environment variable. I found the documentation for this on page 30 of the Enterprise PeopleTools 8.50 Installation for Oracle (Task 1-5-7: Defining Server Domain Configurations).  I also just found a pretty good link in PeopleBooks about the settings. In order to fix my problem, I did the following:

  • Shut the Application Server and the Process Scheduler Server down
  • Configured the PS_CFG_HOME variable
    • Right click on My Computer
    • Choose Properties
    • Go to the Advanced Tab
    • Click on the Environment Variables
    • Add a new system variable
    • Enter PS_CFG_HOME for the variable name
    • Enter the path to the PeopleSoft Home directory for the value
  • Copied everything from the %USERPROFILE%\psft\pt to the PeopleSoft Home directory.  There were several folders that it wanted to merge, but I didn’t see any files that it wanted to overwrite.  I skipped the file because it was the same in both locations.
  • Checked the value of %PS_CFG_HOME% in a Command Window.  If the value is not accurate, you might need to close the window and reopen a new one.
  • Reconfigured the Application Server and Process Scheduler (I didn’t change any values, but this let it regenerate the configuration files)
  • Booted the Application Server and Process Scheduler

5 thoughts on “PeopleTools 8.50 App Server Location

  1. I appreciate the comment — it helps to know that I am helping others out there. I wondered for a bit myself — I don’t think it was until I tried installing the PeopleTools 8.50.06 patch that I noticed it in the documentation.

  2. Ok, I just found one more setting that I should have changed. On the App Server, change the Log/Output Directory setting to use the PeopleSoft Home path as opposed to the Documents and Settings path.

  3. Thank you very much for this. I basically did everything except instead of copying over, I deleted the domain and recreated after I exited and started PSADMIN. I also edited psappsrv.cfg and made the log directory default back to the PS_HOME/log. Setting up the Process Scheduler was not a problem afterwards.

    Once again, my thanks.

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