PeopleTools 8.50 Update

I just noticed the other day that Oracle has a planned PeopleTools 8.50 release date.  According to Doc ID 813258.1, the date is 9/18/2009!

In addition, here are a few more links I found of people who are talking about it:

9 thoughts on “PeopleTools 8.50 Update

  1. That’s a good news. Note the question mark in front of the product version. Anyway, I’m very surprise by this date announcement, Oracle gave some other habits by hidden date delivery till the delivery…


  2. Thanks for noticing this well hidden hint. ORACLE is quite tight lipped as I am sure you know. I plan to refer you discovery on my blog site ( Kudos!

    1. Chris,

      I just checked again, and they have removed it from where I saw it. Makes me wonder if it was accidental. Now, we can just hope that date is close and that we see it in a couple of days!

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