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A while back, I posted my idea that Oracle should deliver templates or appliances with PeopleSoft pre-installed.  I feel bad that I did not get it posted as soon as I noticed that Oracle did finally publish such an image.

But, they appear to have removed the images.  I can’t find them.  I found on a cached page that shows where they have the image available.  I am terribly behind on reading the blogs — maybe  there will be some clues there.

I also did some looking around to see about using such an image.  My problem is that I already have VMWare installed.  Can I install Oracle VM along side?  Even if it is possible, it is advisable?

I looked into converting an Oracle VM image into a VMWare image.  I found a post asking about doing just that, but it had no answer.  VMWare has a Converter and vCenter that will convert machines into VMWare images, but they don’t talk about working with Oracle VM images.  Here is another page of tools, but none of them stood out as options.  Oracle has some tools too, but I don’t think they will do the trick either.

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  1. What VMWare are you working on ?
    Well, assuming you have the simplest VMWare install, I mean VMWare Server, which work within a host OS, then that works totally on different way than OracleVM.
    Oracle VM is a bare-metal hypervisor, this is installing on machine from scratch, without the need of any host OS, in that case you have only virtual machines which share the harware.
    VMWare Server is hosting by a host OS, and share hardware through this OS, means one more level.
    That means you could have VMWare Server installed on your laptop and reach your “local” VM exactly like if they were remote, but you cannot have Oracle VM on your laptop which need a dedicated machine.
    WMWare ESXi, the free version, is an equivalent of Oracle VM, bare-metal hypervisor.
    So, from a VMWare Server virtual machine to a bare-metal hypervisor, you should convert your VM files.
    I’m sure, once you converted your VM from VMWare Server to VMWare ESXi (there are tools for that change), there should be a way to go from VMWare ESXi to Oracle VM or the other way around.

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