One thought on “Loading Data with Excel

  1. I was looking at the loading data with excel. Interesting. We use the Excel2CI functionality. It means that we build a Component Interface from a Component with Page(s) defined, then we use Excel (we have used Office 2003 and 2007, both work, but with subtle differences). When calling up the CI (providing the user has security access to the CI), the user is presented with the fields available to the Component. Basically this then allows Excel to act like a screen filler behind the scenes using the rules generated within PeopleSoft code, on the Record PeopleCode/Component PeopleCode, etc, then loads the data into PeopleSoft Records. We have found there are limits. If two records are set up in a component that are not true Parent/Child relationship, there can be issues around effective date logic. Plus if the user has 000’s of rows to add through excel it can take a long time… But Excel2Ci is a great function for knowledgable business users – not for all of them though.

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