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I came across this link talking about storing Javascript libraries in PeopleTools to use with PeopleSoft applications.  The interesting part is that I have been able to get it working by storing jQuery in an HTML definition.  Application Designer did give me an error about it being too big, but it went ahead and saved it.  Everything seems to work fine so far, and I haven’t had a need to look for another fix.

The solution to save the library in the message catalog sounds  great, but the big problem with Message Catalogs is that they can’t be exported to a file.


Serve thoseJavaScript Libraries Quickly… and Safely

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  1. digitaleagle, after you saved jQuery in an HTML defn, did you compare the downloaded file to make sure it wasn’t truncated? It is my experience that App Designer will issue the warning and save the HTML definition, but it will truncate the HTML definition at the 32k boundary. Make sure the jQuery you are using is downloaded from a /cs/… URL and that it isn’t truncated. Perhaps you aren’t using jQuery features from the end of the file? What version/build of jQuery are you using? Are you using a minified or packed version?

    Storing jQuery in an HTML definition is absolutely, with out a doubt, the best option. Pair that up with minification and PeopleSoft’s gzip compression and you have the best scenario possible. Please let us know what tools version you are using and what jQuery version/type you are using (plugins included). The HTML defn size limit increased with later tools versions.

  2. James,

    You have a good point about the Data Mover Export. The only problem is that it is an extra step. I use jQuery in a development only setting (basically I was just experimenting in my development environment.). I back the project up on a routine basis by exporting it out to a file. A data mover is just an extra step. If I am going to use data mover, I may as well create my own table for storing javascript libraries and functions.


    I checked on the version — I just have the regular 1.2.3 version installed (not the packed or minified). You are right that it cut off the end lines. I am using both tools 8.49 and 8.46. I don’t remember which tools release it was that I originally inserted the jQuery library into. I just got lucky and haven’t tried to use any of the features at the end of library.

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