Step By Step Virtual PS Install: Windows PS Home Install

This is a continuation of my virtual PeopleSoft installation.  In this step, we will discuss how to install a Windows version of the PeopleSoft home.  This is necessary for the client programs.  To see the complete list of steps, click here.

Change directories into your PeopleTools installation disk1.  Run:

wine ./setup.exe

Running Setup

Setup Welcome Screen

Click Next to begin, Accept the license agreement.


Enter license code if you have one, or you can get one from here.  Make sure the you use the PeopleTools code as opposed to the application such as HRMS.

License Code

Choose non-unicode for the database.


Install all of the pieces.  Even if you don’t need them, it is just easier to say yes to all.

Parts to Install

Choose your install directory.  I used: z:\home\pshr\pshome_win


I chose no for the ERP connectors.

ERP Connectors

Enter your location for the Oracle bin.  I used c:\OraClient because this is where I installed it.

Oracle Bin Dir

Select yes to install the icons.

PeopleTools Icons

Accept the default for the program group folder.

Group Folder

Change the EMHUB machine name to localhost, and accept the default port of 80.


Hit next at the features screen.

Features Screen

Finally, review the choices, and hit next to begin installation.

Review Screen

Click finish to end.


3 thoughts on “Step By Step Virtual PS Install: Windows PS Home Install

  1. Hmmmnnnn.. I tried to be smart and install oracle database in Fedora(went well), than install the oracle client and peopletools in wine. The oracle client install in wine doesn’t install.

  2. This step-by-step is just create. Thnx for taking the time to document this, you only forgot to document how to install the oracle client. If you could please add that one, cheers.


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