Step By Step Virtual PS Install: Copying Files

This is a continuation of my virtual PeopleSoft installation.  In this step, we will discuss how to copy files between the client and the host operating systems.  To see the complete list of steps, click here.

You could save yourself some hassle if you download your files on the virtual machine, but then, you can only use the files once.  But, if you want to use the downloads again, you need to download them to the host and then transfer them to the virtual machine.

You could copy those files several different ways: ssh, Windows File Sharing, USB drive, CD drive.

USB drive: if you add a USB device to your virtual machine, you can mount the USB drive on both the host and the guest machine.

CD drive: you could burn CD and then mount the CD on the guest machine.  Or, you could create an iso file on the host machine and mount the ISO file on the guest.

Networking is easier for more consistent copying of files.  Here is how to copy the files from the host to the guest using SSH.

First, open a terminal window so that you can type commands into the sytem. The terminal is in Applications > Accessories > Terminal.

48-menu-terminal by you.

To get the network address of the guest machine, type /sbin/ifconfig.  The second line should have your ip address.

49-ifconfig by you.

On the host you can use the command: ” scp ./ pshr@” to copy the file to the IP address that you found on the virtual machine.  Make sure to substitute pshr in both places with the username on your guest machine.

50-scp by you.

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  1. There is another easiest way to copy file. You just need to add a Harddisk with Phyical Disk and select your storage partition. Then you can copy the file normally

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