Updated: PeopleTools Tables

Here is just a quick post to let you know that I have added a few more tables to the PeopleTools Tables page:


These tables are related to HTML definitions.  I was using them to check to make sure that I have all of the HTML definitions that I have created in my project.

Here is a link to the page:


One thought on “Updated: PeopleTools Tables

  1. PeopleSoft Query Tables
    PSQRYDEFN: Stores query related info.

    PSQRYFIELD: Stores all fields used in a query (both the fields in the Select and Where clause).

    PSQRYCRITERIA: Stores criteria query fields. You can get the name of the fields by joining the PSQRYFIELD table.

    PSQRYEXPR: Stores query expressions.

    PSQRYBIND: Stores query bind variables.

    PSQRYRECORD: Stores all records used in all aspects of query creation

    PSQRYSELECT: Stores all SELECT requirements by select type. Example would be sub select, join, ect.

    PSQRYLINK: Stores the relationships to child queries.

    PSQRYEXECLOG: Query run time log table that stores (only 8.4x and higher)

    PSQRYSTATS: Query run time statistics table such as count of query execution, and date time of last execution (only in 8.4x and higher).

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