Technical development for PeopleSoft PeopleTools:

  • PeopleCode
  • Online Development
  • SQR
  • Server Administration
  • Databases
  • etc.


The goal of this blog is three-fold:

  • Documenting Things I Learn: in case I have to do it again
  • Share My Knowledge: in case others happen to attempt the things that I do
  • Networking: bulding a network of readers or acquaintances

About Me

I am a PeopleSoft Technical Consultant.  I work for a small consulting firm who places me in contracts that generally have started as short term but have extended much longer.

I started my life with computers in middle school.  My programming started in eighth grade with Visual Basic.  For college, I got a computer science degree, and then, I started programming contracts.  At first, I was using Java, but then, I worked my way into SQR and finally PeopleTools.


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Here are some of the topics that I have had experience with:

  • SQR: Worked on numerous SQR reports and processes for an HR Management company.  The biggest was a Benefits reconciliation process.
  • PeopleTools: Created numerous run controls, online pages for self-service, interfaces
  • Application Engine: Created and maintained interfaces, etc.
  • Component Interface: Created programs to load data into the Tax Data screens, Applicants, Person Data, Visa Data, User Profile/Security.  Created programs to hire people in batch.  Accessed component interfaces from Online PeopleCode and from Application Engine programming.
  • System Administration: Installed HCM90, HCM91, PeopleTools 8.49, PeopleTools 8.50, Financials Demo systems.  Maintained systems with Tax Updates and Bundles.  Trained a technical team in System Administration tasks such as cloning and refreshing instances.
  • Conversion: Built a Framework for converting from POISE, which stores data in VSAM files.  Built a framework that could easily launch Application Engine programs in specified order to copy the data into the PeopleSoft tables.
  • Training: Taught on-site courses in PeopleTools I, PeopleTools II, SQR, Application Engine, PeopleCode, etc.

Other Blogs

  • Linux Sagas: My journeys into the Open Source world with Linux and other open source programs and technologies.
  • Digital Eagle: My personal ramblings, etc.