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Step By Step Virtual PS Install: Install Wine

This is a continuation of my virtual PeopleSoft installation.  In this step, we will install Wine, a windows emulator that allows Linux users to run Windows-only programs.  To see the complete list of posts, click here.

I apologize about the images.  I tried to back them up, and I just found out that they did not backup properly.  I have tried to take some after the fact.

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Deleting Files from PeopleCode

We have an interface file that we want to delete for security reasons once we have processed the file.  But, deleting it from the Application  Engine was not as straight-forward as I would have thought.

This does not work:

RemoveDirectory("c:\temp\mytextfile.txt", %FilePath_Absolute);

So, Java to the rescue — this does:

Local JavaObject &javaFile;
&javaFile = CreateJavaObject("java.io.File", "c:\temp\mytextfile.txt");

Update (8/20/2014):

Back when I wrote this post, I missed seeing the .Delete() method of the File API object.  That would be the better way to make this work.  Here’s an example:

Local File &file;
&file = GetFile("c:\temp\mytextfile.txt", "W", "A", %FilePath_Absolute);

(Thanks Tim and Andrew for pointing this out.)


News: New Certification

I just came across this new certification (at least to my knowledge new).  Somewhere I found a date of August 31st, but don’t quote me on that.

Any way, Oracle has a certification program for PeopleTools Developers.  I hope to work toward that path, and you may see some basic posts as I review the topics for the exam.  What better way to make sure you understand something than to explain it to someone else?

One question we have had is whether a “hands-on” course is required.  If you are self-taught or experience-taught in PeopleTools, do you have to take one of Oracle’s classes anyway as a requirement.  That has yet to be answered for me.

Check it out on Oracle’s website:

Step By Step Virtual PS Install: Configure OS

This is a continuation of my virtual PeopleSoft installation.  In this step, we will install the operating system in to the virtual machine.  To see the complete list of steps, click here.

Here are a few things that you will want to do to your new installation to prepare for installing the database and other components.

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Tablespace Error

Today, we had trouble with a SQL Server installation of PeopleSoft asking for a tablspace.  We created a new record, and when we saved it, it asked for a tablespace name.  The problem was that we had no tablespaces setup in PeopleSoft.  Therefore, we couldn’t pick a tablespace and essentially couldn’t save a new record.

What was more frustrating was the fact the SQL Server does not have tablespaces.  On a SQL Server system the tablespace settings are completely ignored.  It should not show the tablespace dialog.

The solution was to turn off platform compatibility mode.  The compatibility mode allows you to create records that could be migrated to a database such as Oracle.  With this option turned on, it will ask you for the tablespace so that it will have it when it gets on the Oracle database.  You can turn it on or off in the PeopleTools Options page (PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options).