Month: February 2011


Today, I ran into an error importing a PeopleTools tree into an instance of PeopleSoft.  Probably, the problem was that I was using an old version of PeopleTools (8.46).

If this were a production system, the fix would be to upgrade PeopleTools to 8.51.  But, this is for testing purposes, and I kind of want to keep the old version so that I can make sure things run with it.

Here is the error message that I received from Data Mover:

SQL error. Stmt #: 0  Error Position: 0  Return: 1400 - ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("SYSADM"."PSTREEDEFN"."PT_ALLVALUEAUDOPT")

With all that said, you probably don’t want to follow these directions.  (This is a don’t try at home moment.)  I don’t even know why I am posting this.  Maybe it will help some one with SQL syntax or something.  Most likely, I will need it again for a later update into this same instance.

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